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How We Party

C ool Bus in Detroit


Welcome to the world of C OOL BUS!

If you are unfamiliar with C ool Bus have a look around here, you will find that the buses are set up for the most fun possible for your next wine tour, sporting event, concert, wedding, prom or pub crawl.

The Party Buses are perimeter seating for 18, dance pole equipped, epoxy floors and graffiti covered walls, and washroom equipped, basically they are COOL!!

The C ool Concert Express/C ool Bus Shuttle – if you don’t need all the bells and whistles or washroom, has seating for 19 to get you directly to your outing in C ool Shuttle style.

Day/Night Out


Bachelor(ette) Parties


Winery/Brewery Tours

Tailgating/Sports Events

Airport Pickup

Corporate Outings

Dive Bar Tours


Years ago I bought an old, recycled, short school bus from a “pick your own” vegetable farm. The purpose of the bus was purely recreational…..I played on a men’s rec hockey team and thought this would be the perfect means of transportation to and from tournaments for my buddies and I. Turns out there wasn’t a whole lot of hockey played, just a group of guys getting together, drinking beer, having fun and making memories. Soon we were using the bus for different social outings and sporting events. The bus gained popularity, people started to ask if they could rent the bus for their own night out, 2 friends told 2 friends and the rest is local history.


As I mentioned the bus came from a local farm, it had dancing vegetables on the side. I used a Wagner power sprayer to paint the bus black and a very close, now departed friend hand painted flames on the front …..we wanted this bus to look cool! As we decided what we should name the bus we noticed the original SCHOOL BUS lettering still showed through all those layers of paint! So we painted back in (most) of the letters _C_OOL BUS , hence the spelling, the name and the theme that carried on through the years!

Old Cool Bus